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Digital Network Coverage

Teletronics network Digital Mobile Radio Coverage


Teletronics Network:
Coverage for existing digital DMR Tair II  VHF and Tier III UHF  radio coverage for the Wairarapa and Tararua areas.

Any question please call 06 3770149 or after hours 021 1577786

Or call into our shop 128 Dixon street Masterton and have a chat about what you need and what we have to offer.

Digital Network Coverage.

Individual area Community repeaters.

Ruatea - Alfredton area

Rahui -  Tinui Area

Parawhariki - Te Wharau / Masterton Area

Moeraki  - Hinakura Area

Pukeroro - Flatpoint Area  other related info: Flatpoint repeater build photos

Tintock - Wairere/Bideford Area

Teletronics Total Digital network area coverage.

Teletronics total network Coverage.


Digital Network Coverage

Summary of Key Benefits from DMR (Digital) radio systems.
- DMR radios can be run in Analogue and Digital mode for ease of migration to Digital networks.**

- Crystal clear voice to edge of coverage, perceived better coverage due to
understanding user speech right to the edge of signal coverage.
-Background noise stripped from voice conversations digitally so voice can be understood in noisy environments.
- Each Digital channel can carry 2x voice conversations or 1 voice and 1 data at the same time.
- Digital Radios have built in GPS, Man down, lone worker and most have bluetooth.
- Radios can be tracked using GPS for health and safety compliance and if radios are stolen.
- Avoiding having multiple devices to comply with current lone work health and safety obligations.
- No radio can join a digital system without the radio ID being know, avoiding analogue issues with Clickers,whistler or stuck mics. Also huge benefits in emergency event management
- All voice conversations can be recorded for health and safety compliance and OSH event documentation.
- Digital radios can be remotely controlled e.g  mics opened , radios stunned. Helpful if stolen or if someone is injured they can be spoken to or listened to without having to touch the radio.
- Digital radios can be setup to make calls to phones/cellphones and phones/cellphones can be set up to call individual or groups of radios. Excellent for rural areas with limited cellular coverage.
- Digital radios can text radio to radio.

- Can make Group or Private calls from any radio. Can see what radio is making the call or missed calls.

Teletronics is Wairarapa's only local Tait and Hytera authorized agents.

We also service and supports Airtels Network

We also sell and service Icom, Vertex Standard and Motorola radios


Other radio Projects we are planning:

Summit radio project

Teletronics Radio site Products and project updates and images.

Tintock Bideford area coverage

Hinakura site in Progress.

Hinakura Digital repeater site completed. 

Tinui - Rahui Site

Ruatea Site stage 1  - Ruatea site stage 2