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GPS Guide

Teletronics GPS tracking Guide.

Teletronics Radio GPS tracking Faqs:

Addresses – how can we populate addresses to the coordinates?

Answer: Street address cannot be populated from this system it is designed for on road and off road use were address are not important.

Triggering time? – how does the triggered time operate, can this be adjusted to trigger more often or only based on radio use/repeater pinging?

Answer: Currently default seting is 15min or so. This can be changed if you have a particular requirement but it cannot be “live” as this would use to much data on a shared system.

Speed – does it show up on all triggers?

Answer: It depends on exaclty what the units was doing at the time of the trigger but the system is not designed for speed recording it main prority is recording location. I would not use this Farm repeater GPS web interface for a vehicle fleet where speed on every trigger is required. But you will get a good amount of speed data from the system

How do I get a speed report?

Note Reports >>Fleet Detail>> This give recorded speed detail

How do I replay a units  travel path ?

To replay the units path during the day simply go to Mapping >> Radio Map >> Select the radio unit then click the “replay” button to step through the recorded beacons.
You can also change the dates and replay the updated data as well.