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New Zealand  mobile network frequencies / bands who uses who's network.

New Zealand mobile Providers who use their own network:

  • Spark
  • Vodafone
  • 2Degrees(Also phones can roam on Vodafone NZ's GSM and UMTS )

Smaller operators that rent the towers from the main operators :

  • Skinny Mobile (Spark Network)
  • Warehouse Mobile (2Degree Network)
  • Compass (Spark Network)
  • Blue Sky (Spark Network)
  • Slingshot (Spark Network)

What Phone Technology for the cellular network that you want to use in New Zealand

- 2degrees: GSM, UMTS and LTE
- Spark: UMTS, HSDPA and LTE
- Vodafone: GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and LTE

NZ Network Bands / Frequencies

The Vodafone NZ mobile network operates on the following frequencies:
2G - GSM 900MHz.
2G - GSM 1800MHz.
3G - 900MHz (U900) in rural and marine areas (up to 120 kms offshore)
3G - 2100MHz (U2100) in urban areas.
4G - 700MHz (Band 28)
4G - 1800MHz (Band 3)
4G - 2600MHz (Band 7)

Wairarapa rural broadband

Spark Operating Frequencies

​4G 1800MHz (LTE Band 3)
4G 700MHz (LTE Band 28)
3G 850MHz / 2100MHz
GSM 900MHz / 1800MHz are not supported bands

Teletronics rural broadband.

Which network does 2 degrees use?
2degrees operates a 3G (UMTS 900MHz and 2100MHz) and 4G (LTE 700MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz) network. So if your phone works with  these technologies, you're good to go.

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