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New repeater site going up today at Tintock

Bideford coverage

Tintock repeater.

Build in Progress.

This site will provide coverage for the greater Bideford area Wairarapa.

See other site coverage maps.





Site will be DMR Tier II

DMR Tier II covers licensed conventional radio systems, mobiles and hand portables operating in PMR frequency bands from 66–960 MHz. The ETSI DMR Tier II standard is targeted at those users who need spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and integrated IP data services in licensed bands for high-power communications. A number of manufacturers have DMR Tier II compliant products on the market. ETSI DMR specifies two slot TDMA in 12.5 kHz channels for Tier II and III.

Tintock Digital repeater site

Looks a nice day but cold and windy

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Flatpoint Site

Repeater for Flatpoint & Glenburn  Coverage. flatpoint

Defiantly not easy digging for this site build. Did someone say Rocks!!!
Marine Weather forcast for the area



Flat Point is about an hour drive east of Masterton and Carterton. With its  sandy beaches, a rocky shore to explore and sheltered boat launching. It's the perfect spot for beach-combers, and the  reef makes for excellent diving. 

Around the Flatpoint Station area you will find surfing spots on either side of the point. There is also a sunken reef to the south towards  Glenburn Station, about 500 metres offshore, which creates good surfing in certain conditions.

Flat Point was named by Captain James Cook in 1770, during his navigation of New Zealand's coast.

Where to stay? Glenburn Station accommodation.

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Glenburn Station on the Wairarapa coast.

Glenburn is recognized as one of New Zealand's truly iconic sheep and beef stations. It is a 14,000 acre property with 9km of pacific coastline.

View from Flatpoint Digital repeater site

Great view from the Digital repeater site, gives fantastic coverage in the Flat-point area and obviously the ocean, big thanks to Jay for getting the site prepped with the digger.

Ruatea Stage 2



Ruatea - Rori Road - Alfredton

Ruatea - Teletronics VHF Digital farm repeater
Provides basic radio calling services plus phone calling and GPS tracking from the radios.

Supplied coverage in the bottom of the Tauatura district to the larger Alfredton area

We now Supply radio services to keep the school buses safe to Alfredton School is a small rural country school in the Tararua District.  The school is located in a peaceful, quiet area and enjoys the benefits of a highly supportive community.

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Ruatea Repeater site

Added extension and the guy-wires. 

Site by Teletronics Limited