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Teletronics Rural Broadband.

Wairarapa Wireless Broadband Plans.

We want your Teletronics experience to be simple and easy as possible. That's why there are only three plans. Our belief is your broadband should be something you can use without thinking about data usage. That's why we do the 1000GB plan. Because most families will not use any where near that much, that's 300 hours of Netflix in HD per month.

Our 2500GB plan is Virtually unlimited , unlike other providers we don't say unlimited then limit it in the fine print . You know what you get up front.

Speed Download/UploadData amountPrice
25/5 Mbit 200 GB$80
25/5 Mbit 1000 GB$100
25/5 Mbit2500 GB$125
50/10 Mbit2500 GB$140

All plans are Pay over cap, meaning if you use up all your data you pay for more rather than having your speed slowed down. Price is $10 per 10 gig over.

Installation $100

Wireless Broadband Installation details: (Includes travel)
Includes installing an Teletronics subscriber unit and supplying a Teletronics WiFi router at no extra charge *. Includes Travel any where in the Wairarapa No extra charges.

Rural broadband

With our ideally placed Wairarapa Fast broadband sites we can get wireless broadband coverage to you. We are experts in rural communication with more than 40 years experience providing communication services through Teletronics and Airtel and over 15 years personal experience providing broadband services.
Teletronics cares about your connectivity and will always find a way to make it work.

Wireless fast broadband anywhere in the Wairarapa.

Not covered by an existing broadband service?

Farmside Satellite too slow and want better broadband?

Call us for options 06 3770149 or email us

Rural broadband internet Wairarapa
Fast Rural broadband

Support is 8am -5pm Mon to Fri call 06 377 0149
Terms and Conditions - Broadband

We know the importance of communication in remote places because that is where we work. So call us if your community needs coverage.

Remote Wireless broadband in rural areas Teletronics

* All equipment supplied remains the property of Teletronics. We will manage your router, and configuration changes can only be performed by Teletronics. Teletronics will supply a replacement if your equipment fails.
A $250 inc GST charge will be added to your final account if your router is not returned should you choose to disconnect from Teletronics. But that won't happen because you will enjoy our service too much.

Smartpeople @ Teletronics are waiting for your call 06 3770149

Looking for rural broadband coverage in Manawatu we recommend you call

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